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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rumoring Radiohead

So, yesterday I had this idea about the pie in sky possibility that Friday's The King of Limbs might just the first installment in a bigger album.  It was fun to put the word out, speculate and start rumors.  Apparently, it is an idea a lot of people liked.  That post, so far, has attracted over 5,000 6,000 10,000+ visitors to the blog in just a couple days.  More interesting, however, is how this rumor I started has now popped up on forums, discussion boards, album reviews, record label sites, youtube, etc...

So, what do we learn?  A rumor doesn't have to have much substantiated evidence to get spread around like wildfire - it just has to be something people WANT to believe.

Would a double-album, with more to come today or later be great?  Yes.  Is it likely to happen?  No.  But, that is why I started the rumor - because I want to believe.

On a happier note, Radiohead LP sessions have always included a large amount of additional material, released later as EPs, single b-sides, bonus discs or 2nd LPs (in the case of Amnesiac).  So, any way you slice it, this surely isn't the last we have heard from the King of Limbs sessions.

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