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Friday, February 18, 2011

King of Limbs, double album?

I have a theory.  What if The King of Limbs is actually a double album....

Consider the following issues...


This album is only 8 tracks and just under 38 minutes long.  Radiohead isn't known for brevity.  

Also, consider that the box set comes with TWO 10" discs.  That is WAY more space than a simple 38 minutes of music!


The last song is called "Separator."


"Separator" is actually the MIDDLE track in a double-album, the 2nd half of which will be released tomorrow as scheduled.

Also, consider that one of the last lines of Separator is "If you Think this is over, you're wrong"

Also, consider that Separator has been a melody circulating about under the name "Mouse, Bird, Dog" as a live track Yorke played last year.  Was the name changed simply to hint at this double album?


The album was released 1 day earlier than previously scheduled.

The King of Limbs was announced as a "newspaper album," and that still hasn't been fully explained.  Another song that has been floating around from last year has been "The Daily Mail," which is a prominent British newspaper.  That track is current NOT on the album.  It seems to me that it should be, and maybe could appear on a 2nd installment to the album.

According to DIY Records, orders were marked TKOL1-.  Does this imply a TKOL2- on the way?

If this Guardian blogger is to be trusted (@Helienee), sources close to Radiohead say there is something more to come on youtube tomorrow. 

Also, doesn't this sound like a Radiohead type thing to do!


  1. You are terribly wright man! i imagined the same thing 5 min ago and googled "king of limbs double album"!

    You arguments are pretty convincing...if not tomorrow mabe some time soon...they have tons of great songs (burn the witch, present tense, supercollider and others we don't even know that didn't made it)

    Lets hope so...

  2. Are you Captain Obvious today, or Conspiracy Man?

  3. Looks like we're not the only ones hoping for this: Head over to DIY Records for some additional thoughts:

  4. it would be great...
    maybe radiohead haven't actually thought about a double album, but after reading your post maybe they will consider the idea

  5. I sure hope this is a double album, because so far, it's been fairly disappointing

  6. video for Lotus Flower, 1:26, Thom's left hand fingers :)

  7. Ok I am officially captivated by this post...but I am curious what the number by the order is for those who bought the WAV or Newspaper other words my order says "TKOL1", but can anyone out there tell me what their order says for the WAV versions or Newpaper versions?

  8. The WAV says the same thing "TKOL1".

  9. WAV is also TKOL1

  10. I'd like to see what happens if this theory turns out to be reality by tomorrow... critics who reviewed it early are going to have a fit.

  11. actually 8 songs fits pretty comfortably on two 10" records.

    but i still hope your right. this album feels incomplete and underwhelming even if it has a lot of promise.

  12. Sorry, 10" LPs only fit 9 minutes of music per that's 36 minutes total. The album is 37 minutes long. That asides, I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled a Kid A/Amnesiac on us here.

  13. newspaper+mp3 says TKOL1

  14. Did you see the cover?

    there are two of them ;)

    it is in fact a double album!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. i downloaded WAV. and it just says

  16. I had sex with the sound of this album as an accompaniment.

  17. i dont know why but i feel like there are going to be six new releases.
    just calling it

  18. I have been thinking the same exact thing! Except you had more observations than I did. I just googled "king of limbs theory" to see if anyone else had theories, and sure enough I found this. :)

    I really do like the 8 tracks that we have right now though, I've been listening to them non-stop.

  19. @Bobby Is it because the picture on the website under "Thank You For Waiting" has 6 legs? and because there have been 6 radiohead albums in the past? (excluding pablo).

    If so...I thought the exact same thing!

  20. Just a thought to add to this craze: On the "Order Tracking" page of, below "Order Number" it says not only "TKOL1-" but also a string of nine numbers. If you click on any of the headings "I have not received my order", "Part of my order is missing" or "Part of my order is faulty" it says "Order reference XXXXXXXXX has not yet been shipped".

    Thoughts, anyone?

  21. I think that the album itself is split into two parts. That would explain the even track list, the fact that each half would fit on one record, and the two characters on the cover. I personally felt this from the mood of the album. I think its briefness is nice. Any longer, and it might have felt like too much. I do think that it might be possible to see some bonus material eventually, however.

  22. King Of "LIMBS". As in branches or body parts. More is coming.

  23. Another thought, how come they are so specific in how many pieces of 'tiny artwork' will be with the package (625), and they say 'many large sheets of artwork'? just a random thought.

  24. We wished the King the best of luck, and moved on. After a while...long blonde hair, blue eyes, long limbs, and a beautiful figure