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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Dumbest Looking band of 2007

As I was eating my breakfast, a video came on for a band named The Last Goodnight. I was shocked and appalled by what absolute idiots these guys looked like. Cheese-ball mohawks, contrived emo-esque long hair all gelled down over the face, ridiculous outfits, sad pensive looks on their faces - they had it all. Good work Virgin Records - you really signed a winner this time. Is this what the music industry is coming to?! Major labels are starting to realize that the indie music scene is raking in a lot of money and critical acclaim - so they dig up some band, dress them up in some mainstream-ified attempt at indie fashion and give them some sad pining-away name like The Last Goodnight. Its sounds like an attempted homage to The Get Up Kids' The Long Goodnight, but without the sincerity, talent or actual emotion.

In any case, I couldn't turn the stupid video off because I just HAD TO see what the name of the band was at the end so I could look them up and excoriate them. I'm so disgusted by all of this, that I'm not even going to provide any links. Take that Virgin Records!

If you have an idea for a Dumber looking band - please leave a comment


  1. Have you seen the Paste cover of The National? I havent seen that many uni-brows since the Frida Calo exhibit at the Portland Art Museum.

  2. taking my comment off doesn't mean i'm not telling the truth

  3. Ha! No - it just means that I'm a snob. And I've come to terms with that.