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Friday, November 9, 2007

Elliott Smith v. Onelinedrawing

Elliott Smith versus Jonah Matranga's Onelinedrawing . Lets have an indie-acoustic throwdown!

Here are 2 of my favorite tracks by these two bands - both about parades.

This is off of Smith's 1997 Either Or LP, which is possibly my favorite of his albums. I vacillate a lot on which is my favorite Elliott Smith album - Either Or, Figure 8, XO. It changes daily. however, the recent posthumous New Moon release is climbing in the rankings!

This is off of Onelinedrawing's Sketchy EP #2. It is about the disillusionment of a returned-home soldier (Vietnam era perhaps?). It may be one of the saddest songs in my collection. In other news, Jonah has dropped the Onelinedrawing moniker, and has a new album called And. Its good - a lot better than the Sketchy EP 3 he put out right before it.

Give each a listen and comment on which one you like best.

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  1. Seriously? How can they even be in the same fight? Like these two artists are even in the same class. Onelinedrawing is sloppy seconds to Elliot Smith.

    Elliott assisted in changing the alt/folk landscape. NO comparison.

  2. I might agree. Onelinedrawing was good, but not revolutionary. You don't see Ben Folds writing songs about Jonah Matranga do you!

  3. Eh plus Rose Parade seems just by the title, is about the event in Portland. (where smith was from). I could be wrong. meh.

  4. I would have to agree... Smith is in a league of his own...Jonah is good but, c'mon!!