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Friday, November 16, 2007

Better Half - The Get Up Kids (new version)

Better Half was one of the best tracks off the Get Up Kids' 1997 LP debut Four Minute Mile. However, as the entire album was recorded over 2 days, the sound quality has always bothered me. Yes, yes, I know they remastered it in 2001 - but still pretty rough.

On this note, I recently stumbled across a newer recording of Better Half. And, as I always loved the music and lyrics, but chaffed at the low sound quality (and the fact that Matt Pryor's vocal skills were still in their early developmental stages), I was excited for this more polished version. It was labeled as an iTunes Exclusive Sessions acoustic track, but I haven't been able to find it on iTunes. I also read somewhere that it was at one time for sale as part of a digital EP from their label, Vagrant. But, Vagrant's website is not currently selling it. In anycase, I have the whole EP, recorded during their Guilt Show era. Enjoy the track, and let me know if you find where this is actually available for purchase.

"Better Half"

i saw my better half, the better half of a decade
slip through my hands inside her hands inside my pockets

when she reached for her advatages i should have done something

i saw my baby boy digging his own hole, keeping alive family traditions
when he lied about intentions i should have done something

well, i blame myself for everything
it keeps my conscience clean -
i've got bandages to prove it

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