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Friday, October 19, 2007

New Gift of Gab/Lateef Collaboration, and The Gift of Gab / Blackalicious / Talib Kweli / Lateef - Its Going Down.MP3

So, Blackalicious's Gift of Gab and Lateef the Truth Speaker just joined forced under the moniker The Mighty Underdogs. You can currently order their EP, The Prelude, and can expect a full length LP early next year (along with a new Gift of Gab solo LP Escape 2 Mars AND a Gift of Gab mixtape, Supreme Lyricism Vol. 2).

We're going to be Quannumed out! For more info, and to order the EP, go to Giftsribution

To hold you over, enjoy this sample track from Gab's last mixtape, Supreme Lyricism Vol. 1 - Its Going Down (ft. Talib Kweli and Lateef). This was be standout track of that last release - classic Gab, Kweli and Lateef.

You NEED this stuff on your iPods!

The Mighty Underdogs


Gift of Gab Solo

Lateef & the Chief

Lateef the Truth Speaker


  1. This, like almost all rap music, is rubbish! It should not be included under the nomen "music". The only place in this world for such noise is at the bottom of the landfill under the rotting cantelope rines and my baby's dirt diapers.

  2. Yeah...this isn't even one of their better songs, at least post something like aural pleasure or first in flight, something worth listening too...unlike your mom, good monkeys she never shuts up, does she??

  3. Ah - Blazing Arrow. Aural Pleasure is one of my favorites. Most people that know Blackalicious already know that song - so I wanted to post something that would be new to more people. All we got is rhythm and time.