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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dear and the Headlights - Run in the Front

I have had a long time obsession/admiration for the music being produced by Bob Hoag at his Flying Blanket Studio in Mesa, AZ. Some of my favorites to come out of there have been Before Braille, Art for Starters, The Go Reflex, Mr. Kline + the Wizards of Time, Fifteen Minutes Fast, Tickertape Parade, Adam Panic, The Format, and The Retaliation for What They Have Done to Us. I'm not sure if these bands are so great because of something in the dry, hot Arizona air, or if Bob really is the recording genius they say his - but I like a lot of what he has done.

My most recent discovery out of Bob's studio is Dear and the Headlights. These guys seem to have come out of nowhere, and it took a few listens for their lead singer's crooning voice to grow on me, but they have completely won me over. Please enjoy this sample song (link above) and watch the video below of their first single, Sweet Talk. Bob Hoag even makes an appearance at the end, playing one of the most intense tambourine solos that I have ever seen.

Everyone and their dog should by their full length LP, Small Steps, Heavy Hooves.
Also - listen to some other tracks on their myspace. I especially like "Its Getting Easy."

You need to purchase this band!


  1. Dear and the headlights, huh? I expected a country band. I was disappointed by an everyday alternative group. It'd be nice to here a decent chord change once in a while, just to demonstrate SOME talent.


  2. You will find no country on this site. Blasphemy!

  3. With a name like Dear and the Headlights (ha!), I expected something a bit more...eye-opening. Instead these Headlights seem to be lacking in strength, possibly because they were installed at the Matchbox 20 factory for a ride piloted by a Johnny Rzeznick clone with Adam Duritz riding shotgun. And we all know Adam Duritz has trouble driving at night, what with the tears in his eyes and all.

    While this blog's praise of the band caused me to brace for impact, instead all I experienced was a dull thud.

  4. Well done Sam. You get an A+, even if I disagree. Thats some top snobbery!

  5. Yet we find rap. I'd prefer to drown in a denim pool of country music than to hear someone even talk about having listened to rap...and I generally hate country music. If country music is blasphemy, then rap music is downright apostasy!

  6. Oh...and I wasn't extemely impressed with "Dear and the Headlights." I agree with Sam (and not just because I want a good grade) that I expected more from the music, based on the review. I think I've heard similar strains on every alternative CD I've ever placed in a compact disc music player. Now, I have nothing against Alternative Music, but as they say, "it's all been done before." I was looking for something new and fresh. Both of these songs were stale and, to put it bluntly, annoyingly monotonic.

  7. wait for the DATH record being produced now. it's great! -dave