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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Andrew Bird does Colbert

There are musicians, and then there are musicians.  I am the former, Andrew Bird is the latter.  I can play guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele and piano.  Andrew Bird can PLAY all of those plus violin and a bunch others.  My review of his new album "Break it Yourself" on when like this:

"Wow.  It is as if Mr. Bird has no regard for the rest of our feelings!  I mean, come on!  You make the rest of us look like a bunch of hack amateurs struggling to bang out simple 3-chord songs.  Mr. Bird, you musical talent is tough to swallow.  We get it.  You are obscenely good at what you do.  Now please just stop beating us over the head with it!  Give us some time to go sulk in our rooms a bit, feel depressed about how horrible our attempts at making music are just laughable.......and sit wide-eyed listening to you new album a few hundred more times.

You songs are not always the catchiest.  They might often be ones that are skipped when listening on shuffle.  But when given proper undivided attention, they never fail to utterly amaze us.  Like I said in the beginning.  Wow."

Did I mention that he whistles too?

Wonder what I'm talking about?  Listen:

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