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Monday, January 23, 2012

New FREE 3-song EP from RA Scion

Pause whatever you are doing, and head on over to for a free download of his new BEG BORROW STEAL EP.  3 songs, inspired by and in honor of the Anonymous Movement, and from what I heard previously, the Occupy Movement(s).

You may remember me promoting RA Scion's previous work as the MC for Common Market and his subsequent project Victor Shade.  His 2008 album "Tobacco Road" made my top 5 that year.  Heck, I even had a "Common Market Week" once - back when this blog was a bit more active.

He is one of my favorite MCs, and from my communication, seems like a generally alright guy.  Friendly, honest, earnest, sincere.  Those seem to be attributes in short supply lately.

Go download the EP, spread the word and send RA Scion your words of encouragement and support!

If you like this music, please spread the word on twitter, google+, facebook or other social networks.

Victor Shade [Explicit]Common MarketLive & Learn [Explicit]Apostrorphe (the ep)Common Market [Explicit]Tobacco RoadBlack Patch War

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