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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Album Review: Drew Danburry - Goodnight Dannii

I posted details on Drew Danburry new (and final . . . or is it?) album, Goodnight Dannii previously, but wanted to give it a more thorough treatment.  First the details:

You can stream and purchase it at

The album is $8 for a CD or $20 for a CD+book with illustrations by Drew's wife, Lady Danburry.

Also for sale on iTunes and

 Now, for some concluding thoughts on Drew's final effort.  Goodnight Dannii was recorded during the same sessions as Goodnight Gary.  The two LPs songs were divided due to content as well as sound.  Goodnight Dannii is lighter and a bit more optimistic, whereas Gary leaned a bit more to heavier emotional content.  Paired, they work well together as a double-LP.  Separated, I think Goodnight Dannii is my favorite of the two (and not just because I am good friends with the Dannii in question).  The melodies are catchy, lyrics are as Danburry-esque as ever, but perhaps more refined.  For his last (maybe) album, Danburry finished strong.  

Here are a couple samples:

Drew Danburry - Nirvana, by Kurt Cobain [mp3]

Drew Danburry - Artex Died In Truth Or Consequences, NM [mp3]

(PS - Drew has some new band called The Apache in the works and is playing a show in Provo, UT on June 7th).

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