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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Album Review - Ratatat - LP4

A quick few thoughts on Ratatat's upcoming LP4 [out June 8 on XL Recordings].  Their self-titled debut LP, Ratatat, was AMAZING.  Its its lead-off track, Seventeen Years [mp3], is still one of my all time favorite indie electronica tracks - hands down!  Classics had some good tracks, but LP3 kind of bored me.

LP4 combines a lot of the best elements of their previous 3 albums, reintroducing the heavy electric guitar edge that was too absent from LP3.  There are LOTS of new textures and sounds on this album as well.  If not for Seventeen Years, LP4 might be my favorite Ratatat album.  Well . . . maybe it will be in any case.

I will explain more in June, but for now here are some samples:

Drugs [mp3] removed by request

Neckbrace [mp3] removed by request

Bare Feast [mp3] removed by request

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