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Monday, May 3, 2010

Album Review - Band of Horses - Infinite Arms

With certain bands, I walk into their new albums assuming they can do no wrong.  Band of Horses is one of those groups - their previous releases have all been SO good.  The 3 year wait for their new full length LP, Infinite Arms, has been a long and difficult one (it will release on May 18th, btw).

Well, I have given it my first full listen and I am a bit lost for words.  It is good, but I don't know if it is great yet.  The first 3 tracks, which have already been circulating - Factory, Compliments and Laredo - all suggested a great album to follow.  Track 4, however, Blue Beard, left me not sure what to think.  The predominant melody in the song smacks of Ben Gibbard - which is not a bad thing - but by the end of the track, it devolvs into a multi-layer harmony a bit too reminiscent of Afternoon Delight a la Will Ferrel in Anchorman.

The album regains its composure in track 5, Way Back Home, but alternately shines and falters throughout.  The album closes with "Bartlet + James," an epic track that may rely a bit heavily upon the grandiose, but Band of Horses carry it well. 

I wouldn't say that "the jury is still out," but a few of the tracks have yet to stick.


We'll see . . .

Release Date:
May 18

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