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Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Shark Speed EP - Education

For those who have tuned in over the last couple years, a great act that I tried to get on everyone's radar was the Utah-Nevada based Shark Speed.  They were my #1 album of April 2009, and my #7 album of 2009 overall!  When I reviewed their full length LP, Sea Sick Music, I labeled it as a marriage of Minus the Bear and The Long Winters.  The album had great indie-rock catchy vocals hooks and lots of great complex guitar noodle-ry.  It was so many of the best aspects of catchy indie rock rolled up into one and independently made (recorded with Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Studies), thus flying under WAY too many radars.  I posted a couple samples in the past months. 

Well, the boys have just released a brand new 4 song EP - Education.

It blends well with their previous work, and it a great teaser of what is to come.  There is also a bit of electronic keyboardistry (not a word, I know) that adds some new texture.

According to guitarist Joe Christenen, a new full length LP is due out next Fall or early Winter!!!  I will keep everyone posted.

In the meantime - go by the Education EP.  If you pride yourself in supporting local music scenes and the DIY indie rock ethos, you must buy this album.  These guys did it all themselves, funded it out of their own pockets, etc . . .   You get the picture.  So, get some great music and support some hard working artists in the process.

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