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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New (but old) Unreleased Get Up Kids demos (non-album songs)

Back during the On a Wire sessions, the Get Up Kids recorded quite a few tracks that never saw the light of day.  A few of these have circulated around the internet, most prolifically from The Unofficial Get Up Kids Bootleg Archive.  "Dreaming Underwater" has been available (if you dig) for a quite a while, and has long been one of my favorite tracks with Suptic on vox.  The others will likely be new to most of you, even Get Up Kids enthusiasts.  There is a lot of church-organ on these tracks, which leads me to believe many of them were recorded in close succession to one another.  If you listen to the lyrics, you will find elements and imagery that appear in other released TGUK tracks, especially those on On a Wire.

Technically, these are "demos," but their production value is a LOT better than what you traditionally think of when you hear "demo."  And, a lot better than many other Get Up Kids demos.  So . . . enjoy! 

Dreaming Underwater [mp3]

Take the Fall [mp3]

Wings and Wheels [mp3]

The End is in Sight [mp3]

My Photographs [mp3]

Through the Haze [mp3]

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