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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We are the #15 most Influential Music Blog on Earth (for the moment)

According to

Music Snobs Anonymous is the 15th most influential music blog on earth. 


Currently, the blog's "Music Authority" score has catapulted to 668.  Up 430 spots in the last couple days, this has also placed the blog at the #1 spot of "Top Risers" according to Technorati.

This is obviously the product of the recently reported flurry of activity here on the blog and increased traffic.  Upon investigation, much of the recent traffic came from  It has always been a source of traffic for this blog, but never before had it sent 800+ visitors to the blog in a single day!  In particular, my posting of Ratatat's "Seventeen Years" launched the blog to #20 on's Top Blogs for the week of February 15-22, being "favorited" 1,144 times by members.  

The ongoing Free Music Giveaway Contest is generating some good traffic as well.

I had better enjoy my  15 minutes of fame while it lasts!

What can I say, in the words of Ron Burgundy, "I'm kind of a big deal."


  1. congrats! i think it should be at least top 5, but i'm sure that's to come! :) dave

  2. A Snob is an old, old Civil War ship. - JL

  3. Thursday, February 25th - moved up to #14 with a score of 690.