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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Vinyl Collection, Jan. 2010 Update

I started collecting vinyl January of 2008. 2 years later, here is what I have amassed.

(updated January 2010)


(1990s -2000s)

(1980s - 1990s)

(500BC - 1970s)


  1. If you are interested in looking down your nose at as many people as possible, consider investing in this guy:

    (what would a $10k cartridge even sound like?)

  2. where is MJ on this list? everyone needs their dose of PYT every once and a while.

  3. i am just completely envious of your get up kids collection, but then again i happen to have an original jimmy eat world CLARITY on green vinyl. it's amazing what some plastic spinning can do to one's soul. i'm sure these are going to be emy's inheritance, but just have her keep my number if she ever decides to sell some ;)

    how did you decide which ones to buy? and where did you procure many of them?


  4. Dannii - I AM jealous of your green vinyl Clarity. Mine is from the recent reissue. As for decided which ones to buy, I have gone through my iTunes and identified a pretty lengthy wish list. Then, I setup an account with a free online service that crawls Ebay for me and sends me notices when something from my wish list goes on sale. Or, I do manual searches on ebay or amazon. I have bought quite a few at concerts, and quite a few digging through crates at record stores too. most have been financed by books i have sold, or from records I have bought (when I found them on a good deal) and then relisted and sold for profit.