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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Open Letter to the Decemberists

I'm not above Begging #1
Letters to bands that need to come play me a concert

Dear Colin Meloy and Crew,

This letter represents the first in what I can only assume will be many pleas, begging bands to come visit our concert-starved city of Lincoln, NE and play a concert. And, take it as a compliment, of the many bands I could write to first, I'm starting with you guys. Of the many places I where I have lived (Bellingham, WA, Provo, UT, Phoenix, AZ), Lincoln is a big disappointment musically. I'm not meaning to offend the local Lincoln music scene, but rather, refer to the utter dearth of good concerts from national bands. Everyone skips over Nebraska (can I blame them?), and when they do come to NE, they go to Omaha.

But, Decemberists, I look to you to save us. Would you please come to Lincoln on your next tour? Or, contact the University and get them to bring you out here to play a show campus (Grand Archives, David Bazan adn Sam Beam played campus concerts recently). You may be tempted to go to Omaha, but I beg you, NO! The Star City needs you! Actually, I need you.

Your unique blend of folksy, old-timey, maritimesque indie rock is the only thing that can save us.

Talk to you soon (I hope),

Music Snobs Anonymous

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