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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Songs With Strings #2

Songs with Strings #2
an ongoing MP3 series featuring good songs with good strings

This one goes out to my darling (and adorably pregnant) wife. This is probably one of her favorite songs with strings, and as an accomplish cellist, that means a lot. The song, Death Right, comes from Rocky Votolato's 2003 Suicide Medicine. That is probably my favorite Rocky Votolato album. This song provides an interesting juxtaposition of Rocky's most gravel-y rough voice with some exquisite and almost painful sounding strings. It think the result is great. My wife never lets me skip this song if it comes up on shuffle on the iPod. So - enjoy.

Rocky Votolato - Death Right.mp3

1 comment:

  1. For an awesome new song with strings, check out Fleet Foxes "Mykonos," I can't stop listening to it. Also the opening track to Arcade Fire's Neon Bible, "Black Mirror." Also, The Pernice Brothers "Bryte Side" of of World Won't End. There's a list of my favs with strings.
    P.S. Rocky is a stud...