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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My favorite keyboardist - RV (Hervé) Salters

There's this french guy called RV (Hervé) Salters. He plays a mad keyboard. If I was starting any sort of band that needed a funky vibe, I would try to recruit him. He has a band called General Elektriks. He also plays in Honeycut. He often tours and plays for Blackalicious and other l label artists. He has a few tracks that feature Lateef the Truth Speaker on vocals. And, most importantly, he dances better than any keyboardist I have ever seen. Here are some videos of some of his wacky-crazy keyboard skills. The funky wah-guitar sound you're hearing is his clavinet keyboard. Get Funky!

Tu M'intrigues

Tough Kid (Honeycut) listen to the beginning, then skip to 3:50 for some mad dance moves

1 comment:

  1. I agree on the favorite keyboardist pick. RV Salters is one of the funkiest contributors to music these days..especially coming from the bay.

    I found your blog searching for confirmation that its his key on the Mighty Underdogs track "UFC Remix"..couldn't be mistaken.